The Leadership Guide: How To Be A Better Leader

This page groups together my essential information about leadership. I explain what it is, the most critical traits a leader should have, the most crucial styles and how you can navigate the journey to becoming an elite leader. If you are short on time, this is an excellent place to start. You will find all my articles on this topic at the end of this page.

What Is Leadership?

Defining leadership is not an easy task. Many definitions have been used to define in the years that have been studied.

  • In the 1920s, the leader would impress their ideas on those led. Obedience, respect, loyalty and cooperation were the drivers to persuading followers.
  • In the 1930s, it was considered a process a group followed to move in a specific direction the leader.
  • In the 1940s, it was the ability to persuade and direct beyond the effects of power, position, and circumstances.
  • In recent years, a leader has been seen as the most responsible and accountable for an organization’s actions.

In 1993, McFarland, Senn, and Childress considered that are six themes that are the most relevant for leaders in the twenty-first century. Leadership

  • is no longer exclusive to the top boss.
  • facilitates excellence in others.
  • is not the same as management.
  • have a sensitive and humanistic dimension.
  • need to have a holistic approach, applying a variety of qualities, skills and capabilities.
  • is the mastery of anticipation, initiating and implementing change.

What Leadership Styles Exist?

Leadership styles are methods and behaviours used to motivate, manage, and direct other individuals. In a 1939 study, a psychologist named Lewis and his research team published a paper identifying the three most basic styles.

1 – Authoritarian – where the leader makes all the decisions himself.

2 – Participative – where the group makes the decisions with the encouragement and support of the leader.

3 – Delegative – where the group have all autonomy to make the decisions and organize themselves, and the leader only participates if requested.

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What Traits Must Leaders Have?

  • Self-Management
  • Acting Strategically
  • Being An Effective Communicator
  • Being Accountable And Responsible
  • Setting Clear Goals And Persisting In Achieving Them
  • Having A Vision For The Future
  • Managing Complexity
  • Fostering Creativity And Innovation
  • Team Building And Promoting Teamwork
  • Creating Lasting Relationships
  • Learning Agility

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